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Disk Cleaner is a free open source tool to quickly clean your hard disk
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Disk Cleaner is a free tool that easily and quickly cleans your hard disk from unneeded temporary files. It's smaller and fast, and it has the ability to run quietly on startup, meaning that you can clear the cache every time you boot Windows.
You can save custom settings so you don't have to remember which programs boxes to check off each time. Additionally command-line switch lets you clean your disk without further intervention from you.

Disk Cleaner is of small size, thus fast, since the software is written with the plain and simple Windows API making possible high search and remove capabilities. It is also self-contained: no DLLs are necessary to run the application, so it can even be run from a floppy disk without any troubles.
With this version you can prevent cookies from being deleted from your browser, just by choosing configure and adding cookies to the protected list.

Disk Cleaner runs on all Windows versions/platforms. However, when using NT systems (NT 4/2000/XP) items cleaned can depend on access rights

It is the best tool to remove junk from public machines.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Portable, Free, Small size, no complex Installation


  • McAfee V-Shield has to be deactivated in order for this tool to work properly
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